Driving your customer experience

At home, in the office, on the road, at your factory: ESAS makes your environment smarter. We provide all the services that your smart devices need – advice, installation, maintenance, aftersales and staffing for your internet modems, thermostats, smartphones, printers and industrial systems – so you can count on maximum availability of all your intelligent systems to benefit your employees and customers.

Yes, I want smart systems


ESAS is a reliable and experienced IT partner for field services, remote services, smart device management, staffing and automation. Thanks to the size of our organisation and our Service Cruiser software, we can support our customers with the right people, processes and technologies.

Over 1450 ICT experts
ESAS has over 1000 field engineers in the Benelux region, so there’s always someone available within a 5-kilometre radius.
More certainty
Outsourcing your operational services to ESAS reduces your financial and operational risks.
You have access to a team of motivated professionals who know how to deal with issues and do all they can to provide optimal customer service.
Service Cruiser
Our own cloud software for planning your aftersales services, field services, and the installation and management of all your connected devices.
Workplace management
Fast servicing of all your office hardware remotely and on site, so your employees are always productive.
Using extra employees when required, at peak times or long term.