Driving your customer experience

ESAS improves your customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by installing, monitoring and maintaining any connected device with the highest standard end-to-end remote services, field services, outsourcing and software solutions.

Looking for smart device management?

Better customer experience

ESAS provides consistent high-quality services that can increase your Net Promoter Score by 55 points or even more. We use a data-driven approach and customer feedback to continuously assess and improve our services.

Proactive and automated processes

Our automated processes enable us to offer your customers a faster and more efficient service, while keeping the number of on-site interventions to a minimum. We combine predictive maintenance of smart devices with our unrivalled Service Cruiser planning software tools to offer you a powerful solution to increase your Net Promotor Score. For example, self-diagnostics and self-service planning enable your customer to book a field service appointment directly, without having to contact a call centre.


At ESAS the human factor is as important as our technical expertise. Our team consists of motivated professionals with a strong ‘can do’ attitude. Our goal is to support our customers professionally in their projects and services with the right skills and using high added-value technology. We always seek the most cost-effective solution, while maintaining the highest level of quality.


Lower total cost of ownership

Our team, automated processes and integrated technologies can help you to reduce the TCO of your customer services by as much as 35%. The biggest benefits come from completely outsourcing your customer services:

  • Fewer on-site interventions thanks to device self-diagnostics & remote call screening;
  • Fewer manual planners thanks to our automated intervention software;
  • Fewer call centre agents because of our high First Time Right ratio;
  • Fewer contact centre calls because of the option of booking appointments through an app or website;
  • Fewer contact centre calls because of correct product swaps and fewer repairs;
  • Fewer operators because of our multi-skilled field staff;
  • Less travel time thanks to automation, our scale and multi-skilled technicians. 

Faster time to market

Have you been investing heavily in product development, only to find that your customer services are still not ready? Many organizations are under severe time pressure to launch new products but lack the necessary support. ESAS has the whole customer service machinery on standby, so that you can speed up your time to market by 75%:

  • Your customer services activated in just weeks instead of years;
  • Large number of multi-skilled service engineers ready to perform your customer services;
  • Trainers available to teach our service engineers about your procedures and products;
  • Our customer service elements are ready to use: Service Cruiser scheduling, mobile applications, logistics, appointment booking, website iframes, ERP interfaces, customer interaction templates, notification service, survey service, QA reporting & business intelligence.

Risk reduction

Outsourcing your customer services to ESAS reduces your financial and operational risks. You can count on us as a trusted and reliable partner. We can easily adapt to the changing needs of your customer services, while you concentrate on your core activities.

Financial risks

Full outsourcing reduces your operational costs and makes your business financially predictable and agile. Our fixed-price agreements cover all risks, so there are no surprises. You benefit from our existing service environment, which allows us to keep our set-up costs low.

Operational risks

We have integrated every single customer service process to avoid common pitfalls. What’s more, you don’t need to conclude numerous separate contracts for software tools, integration, logistics, contractors, etc. because ESAS can provide everything you require. Our technical teams have remote access to every tool they need, so we can guarantee the availability of software, processes and services anytime and anywhere.