Work at ESAS

ESAS is always on the lookout for employees with a positive attitude. Are you driven, flexible and motivated to deliver the very best customer service? Send us your CV.


ESAS helps you make the most of your organisation’s and customers’ smart devices. Smart thermostats, PCs, modems, connected printers in all your branches, and smart lighting or production machinery – all can be part of the Internet of Things. Thanks to the large ESAS team, our extensive expertise and self-developed Service Cruiser software, we can support our customers with the right people, processes and technologies.

+1650 experts
ESAS has all its IT expertise in house. You have access to a team of motivated professionals who can deal with any issues and always provide optimal customer service.
More certainty
Outsourcing your smart IT services to ESAS reduces your financial and operational risks. You don’t need to invest in your own people and resources, so you can focus on your core business.
Remote or on-premise management
ESAS maintains and manages smart devices remotely or goes on site for repairs. We always look for the best and fastest solution.

Relightning: fast switch to LED

LED lighting uses less energy than any other type of lighting. Save even more by opting for smart lighting, with external sensors controlling the LED lights to match their conditions. ESAS works out a lighting plan for you and supervises your switch to LED.