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ESAS improves your customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by installing, monitoring and maintaining any connected device with the highest standard end-to-end remote services, field services, outsourcing and software solutions. Together, our 1000+ employees offer you the most automated, integrated and high-performance customer service offering available in the Benelux market.


In 2000 ESAS started as a conventional infrastructure service provider but gradually we evolved to servicing a wide range of smart devices. Today the range of services includes field services, remote services, outsourcing, projects & solutions and industrial automation. Since 2003, ESAS Automation, formerly known as Solindus, is an expert in industrial automation. ESAS Automation has been assisting its customers with the installation, support and maintenance of their industrial facilities. Our customers come from all industries and include Kraft Foods, ArcelorMittal, Pfizer, Haribo and many more customers.

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In January 2016, Service Cruiser became part of ESAS. With this strategic deal, the ESAS Group is ready for the Internet of Things era. Our field service management software offers a complete portfolio of field service operations with cloud-based software. The platform manages and runs field service operations for telecom service providers, utilities, Internet of Things device vendors and mass retailers, all with unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction. Service Cruiser is capable of reinventing your field services on a scale far beyond your expectations.

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Our approach


At ESAS the human factor is as important as our technical expertise. Our team consists of motivated professionals with a strong ‘can do’ attitude. Our goal is to support our customers professionally in their projects and services with the right skills and using high added-value technology. We always seek the most cost-effective solution, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Industrialized processes

ESAS always aims to automate as much as possible. This means we have fewer manual tasks – for instance for field service planning – which eliminates the risk of errors and enables us to work faster and more efficiently. At the same time, this approach allows us to focus even more on the quality of our services and the support of our employees, both for our remote services and for field services.

One-stop shop

ESAS can take responsibility for your entire value chain if needed: we can handle monitoring, remote services and on-site services from appointment booking to bill inserts.

Services and advice

At the start of each collaboration, we work together with the customer to first assess what service they want us to take care of and whether it is necessary to interface with and/or modify processes. Depending on the objectives, budget and situation, the customer can opt for complete outsourcing of their customer services or hire ESAS employees on an ad hoc basis. It is also possible to purchase only certain parts of our services, for example just the remote service desk. This puts our services within the reach of smaller organizations as well. So those who want to can gradually move to full outsourcing.

Our approach

Management team

Robert Decant - CEO


Robert Decant, who started his professional career with multinationals in 1990, founded ESAS in 2000 as an ICT infrastructure service provider. Since then ESAS has acquired multiple companies, including Simac 3Services in January 2016, and grown into a large Benelux-based market-leading company of 1000+ employees. It has everything in place for the Internet of Things era. As CEO, Robert has ultimate responsibility for the entire group. His leadership is characterized by passion, drive and vision.


Daniel Van Hove - CCO


Daniel Van Hove drives the Sales & Marketing at ESAS, providing customers with the information and services needed to enhance their own customers' experience, reduce their cost of ownership and speed up their time to market. By innovating customers' operations, ESAS gives them a significant competitive advantage in their market.


Hilde Boschmans - CHRO


As Chief HR Officer, Hilde Boschmans aims to continuously and strategically improve HR processes and achieve maximum efficiency by increasing automation. ESAS is a true people business, so Hilde is at the heart of the company.


Eric Decant - CPO


Passionate about all things technical, Eric Decant founded his own industrial automation company: Solindus. The company became part of the ESAS Group in 2013, with Eric becoming Chief Projects Officer, responsible for industrial and IT projects.


Bavo De Cock - CBO


Bavo De Cock started his career in the world of finance and later became a partner at his own accountancy firm. Since 2006 he has held various positions at the ESAS Group. As Chief Business Officer, his vision for the continuous growth for ESAS is based on maximizing efficiency, KPI management and the automation of internal processes.


Gert De Win - CFO


Experienced in start-ups, acquisitions and integrations, Gert De Win joined ESAS at the end of 2014 to assist the company with its growth and expansion strategy. Together with the finance team, his aim is to streamline and optimize all financial processes in the most efficient way.


Chris Lefrère - Director Innovation & Business Development


Chris Lefrère loves to develop next-gen customer service processes, IT systems and organizations that enable his customers to boost their own customers' experience and significantly lower their total cost to serve for their smart devices.


Kim Loffens - COO


In 2005 Kim Loffens, together with Daniel Van Hove, set up the company Simac 3Services, which was acquired by ESAS in 2016. As Chief Operating Officer at ESAS, Kim’s vision is to drive change by implementing solutions that enhance business growth and improve efficiency.


Patrick Block - Director of Program Management

Patrick Block

Patrick Block started his career as a strategic consultant in 2001. He has helped companies all over the world develop their strategies, with M&A, and during large transformations. He has also held various management roles with an international industrial service provider, leading teams to deliver security services for large players in the oil and gas sectors, among other things.

When ESAS took over Group TSB in 2017, Patrick Block ensured everything ran smoothly as Operational Director. At ESAS, he is also responsible for integrating acquisitions quickly and efficiently.


Roel Konings - Country Director BE/LUX

Roel Konings

Roel Konings started his career at the newly-established family business, TSB, in 2001. He held various roles and experienced the different phases of a growing telecoms company here, until ultimately becoming Managing Director.

Group TSB was taken over by ESAS in 2017. As Country Director BE/LUX, Roel focuses on the internal organisation and expansion of managed services activities within ESAS in Belgium and Luxembourg.



ESAS is a reliable partner with a proven track record in field services. The scale of our organization allows us to support our customers with the right people, processes and technology.

Operational excellence
Operational excellence
Service & customer focus
Service & customer focus
1000+ ICT Experts
1000+ ICT Experts
Large projects
Large projects
Market leader
Market leader
Our approach

Jobs at ESAS

We are always looking for people with the right attitude to become brand ambassadors for ESAS and our customers. Do you have what it takes?


Our people

Our people are driven by customer experience. As a team, they go the extra mile to deliver outstanding customer services to your customers every single day.

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