ESAS Automation

Industry 4.0: remote maintenance of your production systems

In Industry 4.0, production plants are also connected to the Internet of Things: production systems have sensors, counters and cameras to collect vast amounts of data, which you can use to service your machinery very efficiently, for example replacing a component that’s almost worn out before it fails.

Smart Factory

In a ‘smart factory’, the entire production process and system controls can be adjusted automatically without any manual intervention. And if human intervention is required, this can often be done remotely, so it’s perfectly possible to fully outsource this management to an external service provider such as ESAS.


No more downtime

ESAS Automation provides support for IT systems and industrial installations. Our specialists guarantee the servicing and monitoring of your systems, sensors and programming, remotely and on site. This means we reduce your risk of downtime or a fault in your production process, so you can focus on your core tasks.

Predict problems

ESAS Automation uses analysis and experience to predict where problems could arise. Our specialists in the control room provide immediate support when there’s a threat of a fault or adjustments are needed.

Lower your electricity bill with sustainable lighting

Together we review your company’s lighting plan before looking for a more energy-efficient alternative, so you reduce costs and lessen your ecological footprint. Our Relighting service carries out a lighting assessment, works out your potential benefit, and installs and maintains all lighting, regardless of brand. From SME interiors to heavy (chemicals) industry, we provide all the equipment you need with a leasing plan to satisfy your individual requirements. The energy-saving and sustainable qualities of LED lighting ensure you will quickly save back your investment.



When you need more IT expertise in house, you can rely on ESAS specialists to supervise your projects. So you’re always guaranteed continuous monitoring by a team of experts.


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