Eneco counts on ESAS for installation of smart thermostat Toon

Dutch energy provider Eneco has been using Toon since 2012. Toon is a smart thermostat which you can use to remotely control your heating and monitor your energy consumption, so saving up to 10% on energy costs. Toon can do a lot more besides, such as operate smart lighting and keep track how much power your solar panels are generating. It is a great success: over 150,000 of these smart thermostats are being installed for customers in the Netherlands and elsewhere every year.

Eneco chose ESAS as its field services partner for installing and servicing Toon in the south of the Netherlands. An important factor in this decision was that the operations and logistics planning for engineers is automated using Service Cruiser, the online field services platform from ESAS that ensures the most suitable engineers with the right skills are always sent to customers at the agreed time.


Toon, the ‘smart thermostat’ from Dutch energy provider Eneco, is a success: more than 150,000 Eneco customers in the Netherlands and elsewhere are having one of these smart thermostats installed every year. ESAS is one of the strategic partners that Eneco has chosen to collaborate with for the installation and servicing of Toon in the south of the Netherlands. The operations and logistics of these field services run very efficiently thanks to automated tracking via Service Cruiser, the online field services platform from ESAS.

Perfect customer experience

“Our Toon thermostat is a really great product, but that's not the only reason behind its success,” says Cees de Haan, Managing Director at Eneco Installatiebedrijven. “The Toon service and customer experience need to be perfect too, starting from when the customer decides to make an installation appointment. This is why we decided to work together with ESAS as one of our strategic field services partners: ESAS delivers the quality of service we need. They're a partner we can rely on; they work accurately and respond quickly. They're also very flexible so all their contacts with our customers run smoothly and efficiently, and they do everything they can to make the customer experience as positive as possible. Customers can make or change appointments online to fit in with their schedule, for example. And because ESAS works so flexibly and promptly, everything is as convenient as possible for the customer.”

Quality measurement with objective KPIs

The Toon thermostat service quality is really important for Eneco, and the energy provider uses objective KPIs to monitor this very closely. “We're constantly measuring the Net Promotor Score (NPS), fault rate and installation work surveys,” explains Cees de Haan. “ESAS scores very highly. They're also happy to think together with us and work proactively to improve our processes, so it's a very constructive collaboration.”

Smart home platform

Toon is much more than just a thermostat; it's a ‘smart home platform’ that can be used to connect smart plugs and home lighting too. Toon customers can monitor their electricity and gas consumption closely on the display screen, which makes it easier for them to save energy, and heating and lighting can be operated remotely with the free Toon app for smartphones and tablets.

Bearing in mind that Toon is a gateway as well as an advanced thermostat, it's even more important that it never fails. Good installation is therefore an absolute must to prevent problems later on. And if there is a fault, it needs to be resolved as quickly as possible, which is another reason why it's so crucial to Eneco that engineers deliver good work. They are trained in electricity and safety and also need to be familiar with heating and telecom technology.

The right skills

Cees de Haan: “ESAS looks for the right engineers with the right knowledge and multidisciplinary skills. They receive four updates a year from ESAS, usually via the ‘train the trainer’ method: someone from ESAS comes to follow our training and then organises internal training at ESAS. We want to develop Toon into a smart home hub even more in the future, so we can add more applications to simplify life and make things even more comfortable for users. To achieve this ambition, we need to be able to rely on a stable field services partner like ESAS to provide the most suitable employees with the right skills for every intervention.”

Long-term collaboration

Eneco sees a future in which end users will become increasingly responsible for their own energy production. “That's why we're investing in technology like Toon: it helps people manage their own domestic energy more independently,” says Cees de Haan.

There could be more major roles for ESAS in the future. “We've been working together since October 2015 and expect this to continue long term. We at Eneco believe in strong partnerships and this includes our partners thinking together with us to constantly improve our service provision. If we highlight something that could possibly be improved, we expect our partner to be ready to act on it. This is definitely the case with ESAS: we're in constant dialogue with them and we want to keep it that way,” concludes Cees de Haan.