Paul Schreurs, directeur technique chez Veldeman :

Veldeman, producer of mattresses, box springs, slatted bases and sofa beds, is switching its entire production environment from fluorescent lighting to LED. ‘Our motivation is both economic and ecological,’ explains Paul Schreurs, Technical Director at Veldeman. ‘We’re expecting around a 20% saving in our costs and energy consumption.’


Veldeman collaborated with ESAS on this project, replacing around 1200 bulbs in seven impressive production halls in total. All the corridors and smaller rooms adjoining the production areas also have new lighting.

The ecological aspect was a very important factor in Veldeman’s decision to switch to LED. ‘We want to make our company more sustainable on all fronts,’ explains Schreurs, ‘so we’re not just making our products and production processes more environment-friendly, but also taking steps to save energy. The switch to LED fits in very well with this policy.’

A well-lit working area

Schreurs believes that Veldeman’s employees and customers want more sustainable enterprise, and having a well-lit working area is much nicer for the 160 production employees.

‘They really notice the difference,’ says Schreurs. ‘Their reactions are positive all along the line. The LED lighting is more pleasant to work in. It makes everything clearer and more vivid, so they can see what they’re working on better now, which is of course very important for the quality of our products. Work needs to be carried out very securely in some places in the production department, so good lighting is crucial, especially where there’s no natural light.’

Project completed within three months

The collaboration with ESAS ran very smoothly. Most of the cabling didn’t need replacing, so ESAS just replaced the bulbs. ‘We opted for LED lighting and chose ESAS to install it for us, because they're very familiar with the RGB bulbs,’ says Schreurs. ‘We had full confidence in their approach and technical expertise. And this confidence was justified; the project was completed within three months.’

Fast Facts

  • Seven very large production halls
  • €80 million turnover
  • 160 employees in the production department
  • 1200 bulbs
  • Project completed in three months

Paul Schreurs, Technical Director at Veldeman:

‘Our employees’ reactions are positive all along the line. The LED lighting is more pleasant to work in, and makes everything clearer and more vivid.’