STG: more enjoyable, better and safer work with LED lighting

Cigar manufacturer Scandinavian Tobacco Group replaced all the fluorescent lighting in one of its production halls with LED lights. ‘We noticed that the circuit-breaker in our electrical cabinet was getting too hot because our existing lighting was at its maximum capacity,’ explains Dirk Moons, Electrical Department Supervisor at STG in Lummen.


‘This meant there was a fire risk. The best and fastest solution was to switch to LED lighting, which has reduced our power consumption by almost a half, so we can rule out the risk of overheating.’

A lighting survey calculates benefits

STG had already collaborated successfully with ESAS in the past, which is why they chose to work with the same partner again this time. ESAS started by carrying out a lighting survey together with lighting specialist Sylvania. This clearly showed that STG could achieve greater light output with the same number of LED lights, while at the same time dramatically reducing energy consumption compared to the existing fluorescent lighting, which was actually quite energy-efficient already. So it was an easy decision to make.

Pleasant working environment and consistent production quality

ESAS took care of the whole installation and replaced the cables, fittings and 142 lights over six days. The result is fully as expected. ‘It’s very obviously much brighter in the production hall now,’ says Moons, ‘which makes it much more pleasant for the eight people who work there. The lights are the only source of light in the room because there aren’t any windows. It’s where we make the insides of the cigars and quality control is a very important part of the production process, so of course you need to make sure there’s plenty of light. A well-lit working environment also makes it much less tiring for our personnel, who work in shifts. They’re very happy with it.’

Energy-consumption dramatically reduced

New measurements since the switch have shown that energy consumption has been cut by a third. ‘It will take about three years to recoup our investment,’ explains Moons, ‘but LED lights last much longer, and ESAS will come to fix any that need replacing free of charge under the five-year warranty anyway.’

Fast Facts

  • STG has 50,000m² production surface area in total
  • The production hall with the new LED lights is 5000m²
  • 450 people work at STG in Lummen
  • The LED lights are on for at least 16 hours a day
  • Energy consumption cut by 1/3 compared to fluorescent lighting

Dirk Moons, Electrical Department Supervisor at STG:

‘A well-lit working environment is much nicer and a lot less tiring for our personnel.’