Telecom infrastructure services

Do you want to upgrade your mobile, fibre, coax or copper network, and find a reliable partner for all your infrastructure work? ESAS Infra ensures faster and more stable network access for your customers. The result? Your mobile, fibre, coax or copper network is future-proof, which leads to more satisfied customers.


Telecom Field services

Fibre optic

We have many years’ experience in the installation, maintenance and extension of fibre optic networks. Several major clients rely on us for their Fibre to the Home (FTTH) services. Would you like to replace your old connections with fibre optic? We’ll be happy to advise.


You can also rely on us for your hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) network. We have experience with extensive networks in which we combine all the benefits of coax with fibre optic. Together we find the optimum ratio and combination.


Your customers depend on your mobile network, and we can help set up, maintain and enhance or extend 4G, 5G, LTE NET and UMTS systems. You can also count on us for temporary installations at large events.


To keep providing your customers with DSL connections, your copper network needs perfect maintenance. We’ve helped lots of customers install copper networks, which we ensure remain stable at all times with regular updates.

Advice for more satisfied customers

We analyse your current situation together with you, so we can work out how to improve it. We adapt our processes so they’re completely in line with yours.

Civil works preliminary study

We carry out a feasibility study for all civil works. A clear business case will determine whether installing a network is profitable for you.

Design with budget

We start by creating a high-level design to assess the costs, and can use our systems or yours, whichever you prefer.

Turnkey fibre optic, HFC and mobile networks

We provide the turnkey network from admission, feasibility and implementation to high-quality delivery in your systems. We work exclusively with certified employees at all levels. From cable layer to project manager, we pay attention to every layer of the organisation.

    We make your mobile network 5G-ready

    Do you want to connect your customers 100 times faster? You can with 5G. It also future-proofs your network for all IoT services. You’ll be able to expand your service and so attract even more satisfied customers. So you want to update your GSM masts or install new ones with flawless network cabling? Contact us and we’ll make your network 5G-ready.

    We’ll even keep maintaining your old copper network!

    We understand that your previous investments also need maintaining and can still be useful for many years. Our service engineers are therefore extensively trained from fibre to DSL via copper, so we can always support you.

    Broadband network certification

    We perform extensive testing and contact the relevant authorities to obtain certification quickly.

    Service and maintenance

    You can also count on us to maintain your network after installation.

    How do we work?

    ESAS Infra provides a service package that covers the entire chain, from design to work planning, installation, project management, administration and maintenance. We install hundreds of kilometres of fibre optic, coax and copper networks every year. We always do this with respect for the environment and the client, doing all we can to limit inconvenience in everything we do. We keep downtime and impact on the environment to a minimum, and guarantee the safety and security of all employees and passers-by in every phase. 

    With ESAS you can count on full unburdening and a service package that covers the entire project, with cost-saving innovations thanks to your improved network.

    We offer the following for your network installation:

    • Inspection
    • Engineering 
    • Planning
    • Project management
    • Civil technologies
    • Various drilling techniques
    • Copper technologies
    • HFC technologies
    • Mobile technologies
    • Fibre optic technologies
    • OTDR measurement techniques
    • Network registration in various systems
    • Preventive and corrective maintenance on HFC, copper, mobile and fibre optic networks

    The only thing you need to do is contact us using the form below. We’ll be happy to help you!


    With ESAS, you can count on:

    Years of experience

    ESAS Infra was formerly called BAM Infra Telecom and Teletronika, and was founded in 1980. We can therefore offer you nearly 40 years’ experience in a wide range of infrastructure works.

    Easy to innovate

    Updating your network future-proofs it for the influx of IoT devices in such a way that you can expand it effortlessly.

    Personal approach

    Our employees have very strong soft skills, so they’re always happy to talk. You will be assigned a fixed contact person to monitor the project for you.

    Over 300 experts

    We have hundreds of experts available to carry out major works for you in the Netherlands and Belgium.

    Proven reliability

    We’ve been working with our biggest customers, who rely on us for all their new projects, since 1980. You have a reliable partner with us.

    Flexible approach

    Our experts adapt their schedule to match yours and intervene quickly if any issues arise.

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