ESF campaign ‘Workable Work – Sustainable Career Policy’

ESAS focuses on people-oriented enterprise and has applied for a grant to support its project in the framework of the ESF campaign ‘Workable Work – Sustainable Career Policy’.

You can find more information about the European Social Fund here.


ESAS endeavours to employ happy, multi-skilled employees who feel good in their job.

With this project, ESAS is aiming to improve employee motivation and develop the tools and methods required to build sustainable careers and skills with a successful retention policy in the short and medium term.


The European Social Fund, Flemish Government and European Union have awarded ESAS grants of €79,658.36 in total to support this project.

Would you like more information about the project? Then please do not hesitate to contact the ESAS project manager using the contact details below.


Sophie Decroix

Academy & Recruitment Manager