Features device management

Automation for maximum efficiency

As field services are costly and time-consuming, we try to work remotely as much as possible, helped by a large number of support scenarios and an elaborate technical knowledge base. The next level of efficiency is automated device management. For example, we can use an app to ask the customer to unplug and plug his device.


Minimal intrusion for the customer

For a service that is less intrusive for the customer and cheaper to deliver, we use monitoring software that can reset a device and solve problems or install updates remotely without any manual intervention by a service desk or without the customer even noticing anything.


Ready for the Internet of Things

In the near future, software will decide on which action has to be taken in order to deliver the best and most efficient customer experience. It will also help to service your devices more proactively. Based on the constant analysis of big data, the technology can detect certain trends and so open the way to predictive maintenance: it predicts a problem and schedules or carries out an intervention before the problem occurs.


New business model

ESAS Service Cruiser helps production organisations to create a direct channel for sales and support, making them less dependent on third parties for services such as delivery, installation and repair. A direct device management channel shortens your time to market and increases your margins.