Features field service management

Resource capacity management

When booking appointments, ESAS Service Cruiser balances resources and tasks based on the company, contract, region, time slot and skill level. We ensure that the right number of engineers, with the right skills to perform the tasks, are available in the right region in the right time slot. Contractors receive resource capacity requests electronically and can arrange for their engineers to take on new tasks. Customers can book their appointments through ESAS Service Cruiser’s Appointment Booking API, the customer’s website, apps or corporate IT systems.


Real-time automated scheduling

A schedule is dynamic, not static, with ESAS Service Cruiser producing a new optimized plan every three minutes. This makes dispatching easy and limits human intervention to the occasional management of resource capacity – by simply adding or subtracting resources from a region. No more stressed dispatchers receiving hundreds of phone calls every day just to provide a sub-optimal, manual drag and drop schedule.


Eliminating waste streams

ESAS Service Cruiser has a built-in Warranty Portal that identifies and quantifies waste streams in your internal and external service processes, both at the technician’s and the customer’s end. We use the Warranty Portal’s reporting to eliminate these waste streams, which reduces your field service budget and improves your service quality. This means no unnecessary truck rolls, devices swaps or return visits.


Built-in logistics

ESAS Service Cruiser logs all supply chain transactions between warehouses, distributors, the engineer's vans and the end-customer. All inbound and outbound transactions are traceable throughout the entire supply chain, so nothing is lost. ESAS Service Cruiser gives a real-time overview of stock levels in the engineers’ vans and automatically replenishes used stocks overnight. Broken parts are tagged by engineers and sorted at the central warehouse for testing, refurbishment or scrap. The smooth logistics process saves working capital thanks to just-in-time stock levels and guarantees full traceability of all the parts provided. Engineers always receive everything they need, so they don’t waste precious time driving to warehouses for spare parts.


Economies of scale

ESAS Service Cruiser allows field service companies to adopt different roles: Main Customer, Main Contractor or Main Vendor. Companies can be scheduled together, which we call the ‘unbranded mode’ or they can run a private company schedule (‘branded mode’) or they can agree to collaborate (‘co-branded mode’). This brings economies of scale and creates innovative new services with other companies on the ESAS Service Cruiser platform.


KPI dashboards

ESAS Service Cruiser continuously measures all processes and users according to predefined KPIs. The KPI dashboards provide a clear overview of operations, since overall KPIs can be translated into Affiliate KPIs, Contractor KPIs or even individual Engineer KPIs. This means all levels of the organization are using the same language to steer them towards the same goal – constantly improving efficiency and quality.


Fully secured

All ESAS Service Cruiser data transmissions between the applications and the ESAS Server Cruiser back-end are secured through SSL. ESAS Service Cruiser runs 24/7 on different data centres in order to protect your data and ensure service failover. All data centres have an ISO 27001 certification.