Features remote service desk

Remote problem-solving

ESAS Service Cruiser serves as the core of our remote service desk, supporting a faster solution of tickets created by telephone, email or web interface from any device. Our ITIL-based services are available 24/7 in order to increase customer satisfaction.


Multi-skilled, multi-lingual, multi-contract

The predefined scenarios in ESAS Service Cruiser are helping our well-trained service desk staff to support almost every technology. The software can also handle multiple contracts and multiple tenants and is intended to support field service engineers as well as end customers. We operate from Belgium and the Netherlands, offering our services in Dutch and French.


Clear agreements, close monitoring and elaborate reporting

At the start of our collaboration we make clear SLAs, governance and escalation agreements and we schedule regular meetings – weekly, monthly, etc. – according to your preferences. During the meetings we discuss the reports generated by ESAS Service Cruiser. They contain detailed information such as missed calls, response times, the first call resolution rate, ticket rerouting and the number of problems solved.


Strategic and flexible

With ESAS Service Cruiser we take your customer services to a strategic level. The service desk is an important point of contact with your end customers. That’s why we establish a close operational and strategic collaboration with you. We sustain your business by delivering flexible staffing and a fast response to your changing needs. 


One-stop shop

In the ultimate online customer service scenario our remote services can be part of your end-to-end service from order to install.