Your production systems are unique so they deserve a unique approach. We don’t force a standard automation package on you; instead, we listen to your needs. Together, we turn your factory into smart factory, without any unnecessary costs or downtime. We involve you in every stage of the process and keep a close eye on the planning, so both you and your factory are prepared for every possible future. 

Turnkey automated solutions

You receive professional advice right from the start of your automation project design stage. Among other things, our automation experts take care of feasibility studies, conceptual design, software implementation, logistical analyses, simulations and so on. Together, we determine your KPIs and the capacities you want to achieve. 


You’re looking for the best possible technology for your situation. We listen to your wishes and determine your KPIs and the desired frequency of reporting together with you, so you have exactly what you need. 

We advise our customers at all levels of automation, from E&I to Process Control (PLC/SCADA, DCS), MES and ERP.  

Software engineering

Your machines are operated by PLC and SCADA/HDMI software. Our expertise means we can add an extra layer to this technology, to visualise production data and automatically raise alarms when needed. 

We link the software to your system, regardless of what brand or type it is, so your machines are maintained preventively. 

E&I engineering

We have over 20 years’ experience in the design, building and maintenance of electrical installations and instrumentation networks. We use various types of CAD software such as AutoCAD and Eplan to create models, drawings and documentation.  

We design and install distribution boards, instrumentation (flow meters, pressure meters, etc.), cable networks, IT networks and infrastructure for electrical installations, among other things.

Electrical work

Our people prepare and install electrical installations, or expand existing installations. We also always provide the most efficient planning so your production doesn’t stop during the works. 

We have experience with electrical installations, general works, industrial electrical installations, IT networks and computer cabling (data and network), infrastructure for electrical installations, lighting and much more. 


Maintenance & support

We provide training and support for your operators and maintenance workers during and/or at the end of the automation project. If you encounter any issues, we will quickly intervene to limit any downtime as much as possible. 

No concerns about Industry 4.0

We fit sensors to your production systems to turn your factory into a smart factory. This enables you to analyse the data collected and adapt production processes where needed. People, systems and data work together seamlessly to increase your product quality, system efficiency and profit margins.  

We help you design and install numerous sensors, counters and cameras, and we’re vendor-independent with experience in IT and OT, so we can integrate these two worlds together. This means you can implement technological innovations without needing to shut down your factory. 

With ESAS, you can expect:


You can count on over 50 engineers who are happy to accommodate any changes in your planning, so you receive the help you need when you need it. 

Smooth process

We can take care of the entire project for you, from concept to realisation. We discuss every stage of the process with you, at a time that’s convenient for you, so you can stay focused on your business strategy. 

Custom technology

You tell us what your plans are, and we design a custom package for you. Together, we look for a suitable solution for your unique situation. We’re not affiliated with any brands. 

Clear communication

You have access to your budget and planning information whenever and wherever you need it. Have any questions? All our engineers are trained in soft skills and will be happy to help.  

Fast intervention

On-site interventions are always possible; we help you whenever you need. Or we can take control of installations remotely. 

Monitoring and maintenance

Your production systems remain in tip-top condition after delivery. Maximum automated support helps us prevent faults as much as possible. 

How do we work?


We use your existing infrastructure as the starting point to help you automate more. We analyse the data you’ve already collected and optimise where possible. This improves the quality of your production process and the productivity of your employees. We involve you in every stage of the process and work closely with a project manager of your choice. 

At Automation, we work in all areas where processes can be automated (E&I, PLC/SCADA/DCS, MES, Big Data). In short, Automation is the company where OT and IT meet. 

Are you interested in automating your processes? These are the stages we work through together.

1. Advice

Our experts visit you for a feasibility study and create a custom design. As well as budget and timing, the design also includes software implementation, simulation testing, integration of existing systems, reporting and much more. Together, we determine which components to prioritise and quickly start developing the programming.  

2. Design software

Our software automatically controls your machines or processes and analyses the data obtained. Automatic reporting means you know which processes you can improve further. Our software also helps your people; your operators can use the user-friendly visualisation screens to easily read production data and quickly make changes where necessary. This means they don’t need to keep a constant eye on everything as the software automatically raises an alarm in case of any issues. 

3. Design infrastructure

As well as designing the software, we can also provide engineering for your process or machine. We determine the equipment required, provide any necessary cabling and – in short – develop the full E&I package, based on over 20 years’ experience with industrial installations.  

4. Energy and sustainability

All our designs take energy consumption and sustainability into account. If you also take advantage of our Relighting service, we carry out a lighting study and calculate specifically how you will benefit from new lighting options. Together with process automation, we can immediately start monitoring and reporting on the full installation. This makes your entire company more environmentally friendly and dramatically reduces your energy bills. 

5. Permanent support

You can count on openness, flexibility and status updates from us throughout every stage of your automation project.  

It’s impossible to fully define each project in advance, and automation is there to assist you in this. 

Whoever is responsible for maintaining your installation can receive training, and we can intervene where necessary. Do you have a – temporary – need for extra personnel? Would you like to make a long-term appointment for your maintenance, or are you thinking of expanding in the future? We make sure you receive the right reinforcements at the right time. 

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