No more downtime

ESAS Industrial Automation provides support for IT systems and industrial installations. Our specialists guarantee the maintenance and monitoring of your systems, sensors and programming, remotely and on site. This means we reduce your risk of downtime and any faults in your production process, so you can focus on your core tasks.

Predict problems

ESAS uses analysis and its experience to predict where problems could arise. Our specialists in the control room provide immediate support when there’s a threat of a fault or any adjustments are required. We work remotely as much as possible, so you receive help quickly and efficiently. You often won’t even notice that we’ve intervened.

Industry 4.0

Factories are part of the Internet of Things, where devices and systems are connected with suppliers’ and service partners’ management software via the internet. Equipping production systems with sensors, counters and cameras means we can even collect masses of data, which you can use to maintain your machinery very efficiently, e.g. replacing a component that’s almost worn out before the machinery fails.

Smart Factory

In a ‘smart factory’, the entire production process and system controls can be automatically monitored and adjusted without any manual intervention. And if human intervention is required, this can often be done remotely. Outsourcing this management to ESAS means you can be certain your production systems are being monitored at all times.

The benefits of ESAS industrial automation

Is it absolutely essential to keep your machinery up and running at all times? Then it’s best to let an external service provider take care of the support. With ESAS, you have a partner that’s always on standby to keep your machines running without any interruptions.

Remote installations

We can implement standard installations and software updates remotely without any problem.

Monitoring and maintenance

ESAS keeps your production systems in top condition. Maximum automated support helps us prevent faults as much as possible.

Versatile service desk engineers

A ‘first time right’ solution is only possible because we invest in employees with the right knowledge who can respond to a problem or question from your customer at the right time.

Efficient service, lower costs

An intervention at your company is always possible, but we start by trying to offer help remotely. This means we can work faster and keep your costs down.

Machines up and running at all times

Computerised systems are vulnerable to technical hitches, which it’s essential to avoid in a just-in-time economy. Machines that stop functioning properly result in an immediate loss of productivity and threaten deliveries. That’s why you can’t take any risks.

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