Partial or full outsourcing

Are you looking for a partner to take care of your service processes? ESAS provides full or modular sourcing and outsourcing services. Our versatile team can monitor your devices or provide a service desk, field services, or a combination of all three.

IT Staffing

Need extra help for large projects or at peak times? ESAS IT Staffing Services quickly deliver the extra people you need to strengthen and improve your customer service. We use your software tools and follow your internal customer service processes, so we can get started straight away.

The benefits of ESAS Staffing & Outsourcing

ESAS quickly delivers the best short or long-term employees to strengthen your customer services.

Constant monitoring of our employees

Our employees go above and beyond to provide excellent service every day. Teamwork, passion, a results-based approach and a positive attitude are essential for us.

Increased customer loyalty

ESAS guarantees the quality of your customer services, to strengthen your image, reputation and brand, and connect you with your customers.

Faster time-to-market

Do you want to launch a new smart device? We take just a few weeks to activate your customer services.

Fewer risks and lower TCO

You can cut the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your customer services by up to 35% by outsourcing them to our team, while also reducing your operational and financial risks.

Better customer service

Our automated processes and integrated technologies ensure better service for your customers, so you can focus on your core activities.

From one employee to a whole team

The ESAS IT staffing contracts can be for anything from one ESAS technician to an agreement for a large team. You can rely on our dedicated network specialists, call centre employees and field service engineers all working for you. We have the full spectrum of expertise with specific knowledge for customer services in all sectors: telecom, utilities, retail, OEMs, production companies and authorities.

Optimise all processes

You can also opt to fully outsource your customer services to us. ESAS has an end-to-end range of services ready to use: we can provide monitoring, remote services and field services – from booking the appointment to bill inserts. Our processes and Service Cruiser software are based on best practices which we’re constantly evaluating and improving. Fully outsourcing your customer services means we can work together to optimise all your processes and create maximum added value.