Are you joining the IoT Convention?

Date: 30/04/2019

We’re a proud partner of the fourth edition of the IoT Convention. This seminar takes place on 19 June at Lamot Congress, Mechelen. Let this day inspire you to fully unleash the Internet of Things’ potential on your business. How can IoT boost, strengthen or even transform your company?

Which IoT applications will change our day-to-day lives? And what trends should we keep an eye on? Over 40 experts will be providing answers to these questions with no less than 55 companies demonstrating their new technologies to the public. One thing is clear: businesses are investing in IoT more than ever before. Are you?

As a sponsoring partner for this event, we’re happy to be able to offer you discounted tickets. Just click on this link to reserve your place for the IoT Conference as a friend of ESAS.

Watch the video below >>