Are you ready for connected service ecosystems?

Date: 26/02/2019

Field service business has become a platform business. Successful service business models are the ones that can easily connect to and develop synergies with other service businesses and ecosystems. Automation in field and remote services has therefore become key to giving your customers the efficiency and quality they expect.

Service Cruiser

That’s why our Service Cruiser software has so-called standard REST APIs integrated. This is a software architecture that’s designed to enable efficient and secure information exchange between various software platforms, operating systems and web services, thus creating a connected services ecosystem. Besides letting your software talk to ours, the REST APIs in Service Cruiser also allow users, both at your end and ours, to connect and interact with our cloud services.

Service Order Management

Do you need a service intervention or do you want to request a status update? You can create, manage, update and query status information about your service orders from your contact centre software, website or any platform of your choice. The Service Order Management API enables flawless communication between you and our Service Cruiser software, allowing us to receive all the information we need to book appointments finetuned to your needs.

Service Cruisers gives you a complete history of all your customer interactions.

Thanks to predefined products, tasks, time and staff allocation, SLAs and access to real-time information, the ESAS Service Cruiser software automatically schedules service jobs for your devices in the most efficient way. Information exchange isn’t designed to be unilateral. Service Cruisers gives you a complete history of all your customer interactions (on-site operations, work orders, etc.). And most importantly, it works together with your most essential platforms, such as ERP systems, CRM, ITSM, HR Staffing and IoT Device Management software.

The right help at the right time

We take pride in finding the right expertise for the right device at the right time and place. Thanks to the Technician Management API, Service Cruiser has access to all the resource information required to provide an automated, optimised work schedule.

Service Cruiser systematically builds up a knowledge database.

Our cloud software also takes into account technician skills, home locations, availability based on shifts, sick days or holidays, and type of contract to allocate a service engineer with the right expertise for your devices. Service Cruiser systematically builds up a knowledge database, so we can respond to repeat questions and problems more efficiently. This allows us to get an even higher number of First-Time-Right (FTR) interventions and an enhanced customer image.

Close data monitoring

Your device monitoring systems permanently supervise the status of all your devices and their respective device parameters. The device monitoring API, available in Service Cruiser in the second half of 2019, will allow us to request/see your device health data from your device monitoring systems, such as S/N, Bit Error Rate (BER) and frame check sequence (FCS), enabling our engineers to better prepare and optimise their intervention visit.

Service Cruiser’s APIs will give you all the information you need at your fingertips.

Device monitoring data is requested before, during and after an intervention, providing valuable insights into device status and service engineer performance. Service engineers can view realtime updates on parameter changes via a traffic light system. With green, amber, and red colour codes, the mobile Service Cruiser application indicates whether or not the service engineer is still on target.

In short, when field and remote services are key drivers for your customer satisfaction at the core of your offering, you can be assured that our Service Cruiser’s APIs will give you all the information you need at your fingertips.