Augmented Reality is really on its way!

Date: 21/06/2018

In our view, Augmented Reality will actually become a reality next year. One of the reasons for this is that the built-in cameras of mobile devices and smart glasses will be able to precisely identify all devices – every kind of modem or every type of smart thermostat, for example.


Virtual support for even better customer service

This means that field engineers who go to check on a connected device will see virtual information screens. These screens will help them with the installation, maintenance and repairs. Our field engineers will always carry a mobile device with a built-in camera that is suitable for this. Moreover, the cost of smart glasses is starting to fall sharply, which opens up additional possibilities in terms of user-friendliness.

Training and remote support

Our field engineers will continue to receive thorough training so that they can install and maintain all devices. Now that there are more and more smart devices in ever growing numbers of different models and types, we have to ensure that we can carry on maintaining all these smart devices just as efficiently. This is where ESAS sees a place for remote support with Augmented Reality.

In the future, the field engineer who visits someone at home or at a company will be able to receive remote support from our technical help desk through AR. The remote specialist at the help desk will use AR to make annotations with very clear instructions for their colleague in the field, so that he or she knows exactly what to do. This means an even higher number of 'First Time Right' interventions: field engineers will no longer have to go twice to the customer, who will certainly appreciate this.

Do-it-yourself with helpline

End customers prefer not to have a visit from a maintenance technician. So we also see an opportunity for Augmented Reality in the case of an unexpected incident or for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts among us. Wouldn't it be great if you could make an appointment with your remote technician for assistance?

An efficient, centralized help desk where all the technical knowledge is available is therefore still an absolute must. So we will continue to develop this help desk, with support for AR in the future.