Biggest IoT project in Belgium

Date: 25/06/2019

ESAS is ready to contribute to the biggest IoT project in Belgian history: by 2023 we will have installed over 1.3 million new energy meters in Flanders. Fluvius is replacing all mechanical energy meters with an improved digital version. Your power cabinet will be free from the analogue meter and the new meter will provide you with much more data and knowledge.

New customer services

The digital meters measure your electricity or gas consumption, just like your traditional energy meters did. The main difference is that the new meters have electronic displays with built-in communication technology allowing them to send and receive data. This opens up endless possibilities for the customer, who can evaluate the data and communicate with the network company directly. No more forms to fill in or endless correspondence to re-evaluate your energy rate.

The digital meters also have a user port for tech-savvy customers. With the customer’s permission, the digital meter can transmit consumption data to apps or smart household appliances to enhance user comfort. You can easily monitor the evolution of your data and reduce gas or electricity consumption.

Installed by TEA

People have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare the rollout of this impressive project, with ESAS and APK joining forces in a consortium called TEA. APK has several years’ experience installing meters for Fluvius, so they know the company inside out. And ESAS has lots of experience with large-scale projects like this in other countries.

‘Together with APK, we strongly believe in customer centricity, keeping the costs as low as possible, delivering excellent quality and keeping everybody safe,’ says Chris Lefrère, Director Innovation and Business Development at ESAS.

The new meters have been thoroughly tested and the TEA technicians have received extensive training. The project will proceed in phases: from July 2019 every new meter that is installed will be a digital one. In addition, there will be separate routes for customers with a budget meter, solar panel owners and customers with a digital meter from the pilot projects. They will all receive digital meters over the coming years. Families and companies who qualify for a new meter will be contacted to make an appointment. TEA will be installing 8,000 meters per month for the foreseeable future.

Do you want to find out more about this project? Watch the video in Dutch from Kanaal Z below.