Can you manage your entire service operation centrally?

Date: 25/03/2019

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could manage all the key elements of your service operation in a single application? If everything involved in managing contracts, capacity planning and technicians was brought together in one overview? That’s exactly what our Service Cruiser software has to offer.

Service Cruiser

So it's no wonder the Service Cruiser cloud software for field services is experiencing double-digit growth year on year in the telco, utility and vendor markets. The software manages the daily field service jobs of more than 4,000 technicians, both remote and on-site, for millions of devices. One of the most important elements of the software is the ESAS Service Cruiser desktop app, which runs user, contract and capacity management, forecasting and reporting.

User management

The user management component enables you to create users with different profiles, assign roles, grant limited access where needed and even preconfigure start and expiry dates. Any sensitive data about your operations are protected, while the information needed to carry out field service jobs is accessible on a need to know basis. When you start working with Service Cruiser, inputting all the users is simple. Service Cruiser can be automatically synchronised with your HR software via our APIs, or you can upload delimited files containing dozens to thousands of users in one go.

Contract management

The contract management component defines and manages every aspect of your field technicians' work environment contracts, such as service orders, work orders and work order tasks, skills, regions, SLAs, parts, scheduling business rules​, logistics, contract KPIs and so on.

Parts configuration is facilitated through a set of more than 19 parameters, images and usage information such as return merchandise authorisation (RMA), forward and reverse logistics.​ Parts are essential for a smooth field service operation, so there is enhanced functionality which includes the ability to set re-order points and re-order levels, ​create pick and pack orders for a warehouse management service (WMS) with aggregate values and materials consumption, as well as notification of overnight deliveries to field technicians.​​

Forecasting and reporting

The capacity and forecast management part of the desktop app enables your dispatchers to take care of all your customer, device and network installations and interventions while balancing internal and external resource capacity. To help them, the dispatchers always have a real-time overview of the actual capacity and the forecast. The forecasting is based on a rolling x-week planning and includes the option of ordering extra capacity from subcontractors, who are also managed through the desktop app. Additional subcontractor capacity can be booked according to specific requirements, such as area, skills, orders, etc.

Top-notch quality

Other field service software is often designed by software engineers who have never met a technician in real life. Our software is based on knowledge and experience built up over 15 years of providing top-notch field services. We know how good it is because we use the software ourselves every day. Service Cruiser also resolves issues with nearshore or offshore development teams that underperform. We can provide you with a strong local R&D team working with the latest software technologies to give you all the expertise, support and flexibility you need.

With all these benefits, we believe that the Service Cruiser software is the most complete solution available to run your field services operations, increase your efficiency, make optimum use of your capacity and keep your customers completely satisfied.