Discover the app that routes our versatile field service engineers

Date: 29/11/2018

One of the reasons why our field service engineers’ work is so strikingly effective is our Service Cruiser software mobile app. We’re launching a new version of this app which runs on every platform. Your customers and central dispatching services rely greatly on the information flowing through this mobile app.

A screenshot from Service Cruiser

Essentially, the mobile app is every field engineer’s ultimate work tool, enabling task management, routing, notifications, incident reporting, on-site assistance, on-site sales, inventory management, personal indicators, and so on.

To give you an idea of what makes this app so versatile, here’s an overview of its most important features:

  • when a service engineer accepts a job through the mobile app, your customer is automatically notified that the engineer is on their way
  • the engineer will always find the quickest way to arrive, because the app has a live connection to Waze, Google Maps and Bing Maps
  • upon arrival, the app doesn’t only show the engineer what to do, it’s also possible to run through the service history of the individual customer to get a better understanding of the installed systems
  • if something isn’t working at your customer that has not been noticed before, the engineer can immediately launch a new service order or send a note to dispatching to update your customer’s data
  • if a customer wants extra services, the app allows the engineer to make an instant price quotation and also conclude the sale, included a signed order for your invoicing software
  • closing a service order triggers a satisfaction survey that is sent to the customer, allowing for quick feedback on the work carried out
Service Cruiser screenshot

Invisible logistics

Everything in the app is designed to make service calls as smoothly as possible for your customers. We’ve done the same for our logistics in the background. The app shows the engineer what devices, spare parts and small equipment he needs for every service order, and what’s available in the van. Anything that’s used is automatically replenished for the next working day. Two engineers can even swap materials and make a record of this through a handshake process in the app.

Offline data

The Service Cruiser app works offline too, and that’s essential. Our engineers quite often need to work inside homes and buildings surrounded by lots of concrete, steel and insulation material. Mobile internet connections don’t always reach where our engineers need to go. The offline data store also acts as a buffer in case the central system goes down. Although Service Cruiser has an uptime of over 99.97%, we wanted to have a back-up plan in case of a central breakdown. Security of your offline customer data is covered with all the latest measures, including fully secured data transfers.



Our Service Cruiser mobile app has been developed as a Chrome-based web app. This means it runs on every platform and operating system from just one source code. It brings extra user friendliness because the app is the same on any type of system and our engineers don’t need to remember small differences between different versions. From a management point of view, it’s easier to develop, update and maintain because there’s just one development team behind it.