Do you know the three key features of field service management?

Date: 23/10/2018

What are the three most important core characteristics of any field service management software? That's right, scheduling, scheduling and ... scheduling. The essence of field services is to get the right person with the right equipment to the right customer at the right time. But doing this in real time in the most efficient way is a complex task. And that's where our Service Cruiser planning software comes in. We believe it is by far the best scheduling engine on the market.

4 million jobs

It's not just us who are convinced of the unique qualities of our software – so are our customers. They use our software to manage over 4 million field service interventions every year. What's more, our software can scale almost indefinitely in the Microsoft Azure cloud, so we can always take care of your service needs as you grow.

Real time, really

The software reschedules the field service interventions in real time as new information comes in from the contact centre, such as traffic problems, or from service engineers whose jobs need less or more time than originally  planned. The optimal work schedule is based on 85 parameters in a comprehensive matrix that is used to integrate the required skills, materials, routing, cost, travel time, proximity, etc. A fully updated plan is published every five minutes.

However, we don't send status updates to the field service engineers every five minutes. We leave them to focus on fixing the problem at the customer's site. Our engineers always know what the next job will be, optimally planned of course. Meanwhile, all the other upcoming tasks are assigned according to a continuously optimized plan. Real-time scheduling has never been so easy.

Want a demo?

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