ENGIE Electrabel and ESAS: innovating energy together

Date: 18/01/2019

ENGIE Electrabel is a key player on the Belgian energy market, with over 2.7 million customers entrusting ENGIE Electrabel with their energy supply. In return, the company wants to deliver on its strong societal commitment to guide its customers through the energy transition towards energy that is more carbon neutral,  greener, more efficient, more digital, more local, more decentralised and cleaner. 

Its mission, with ESAS, is to roll-out its 'UP' bundle  to every home, helping its customers to lower both their energy bills and their carbon footprint. At the heart of UP is the boxx, a smart thermostat which also monitors your electricity, gas, water consumption and any solar power production.

Innovating together for happy customers

Jan De Smet, Head of Customer Service and Operations at ENGIE Electrabel explains why ESAS is their ideal partner: “It has been our mission since 1905 to be the energy supplier closest to its customers. We want to be a responsible producer of electricity and a committed societal player. Together with ESAS, we developed and installed boxx, a smart energy meter, in as many households as we could." Our boxx offers customers a user-friendly app to regulate their own energy consumption.  It provides a  clear overview of their energy usage to help them intervene and lower costs. Jan De Smet adds: "ESAS helps us with innovations that make our customers happy.” 

With a little help from Service Cruiser

One of the many other innovations is the integration of all communication channels into ESAS Service Cruiser. Chris Lefrère, who directs innovation and business development at ESAS, explains how it works: “Customers of ENGIE Electrabel select their most convenient method of communication. Whether they prefer a phone call or a message via Facebook, our system picks up the call for help and automatically schedules a visit. Service Cruiser selects the most suitable field engineer and the best possible timing for the intervention.” 

Watch the video about this energetic collaboration below


A more efficient customer service

Are you ready to improve your customer service? The ESAS Service Cruiser cloud platform opens doors to innovative go-to-market business models and products. Our field service management offers all kinds of features: 

Real-time automated scheduling

No more stressed dispatchers receiving hundreds of phone calls every day just to provide a sub-optimal, manual drag-and-drop schedule.

Built-in logistics

The smooth logistics process saves working capital thanks to just-in-time stock levels and guarantees full traceability of all the parts provided. Field engineers always receive everything they need, so they don’t waste precious time driving to warehouses for spare parts.

KPI dashboards

KPI dashboards provide a clear overview of operations, since overall KPIs can be translated into Affiliate KPIs, Contractor KPIs and even individual Engineer KPIs. 

Resource capacity management

We ensure that the right number of engineers, with the right skills to perform the tasks, are available in the right region for the right time slot. Customers can book their appointments through ESAS Service Cruiser’s Appointment Booking API, the customer’s website, apps or corporate IT systems.

Economies of scale

Companies can be scheduled together, which we call the ‘unbranded mode’, or they can run a private company schedule (‘branded mode’) or they can agree to collaborate (‘co-branded mode’). 

Fully secured

All ESAS Service Cruiser data transmissions between the applications and the ESAS Server Cruiser back-end are secured through SSL. ESAS Service Cruiser runs 24/7 on different data centres in order to protect your data and ensure service failover. All data centres have an ISO 27001 certification.