ESAS and Phoenix Contact: partners in Industry 4.0

Date: 11/12/2018

ESAS and Phoenix Contact are both pioneers when it comes to Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0. Together, they enhance each other’s strengths and enable innovations. ‘Our combined forces make our customers very happy,’ says Joris Huegaerts, Global Head of Industry Management Tunnel Infrastructure at Phoenix Contact NV.

Use the latest technology to reduce downtime and predict problems

ESAS Industrial Automation provides support to Phoenix Contact for servicing their customers’ IT systems and industrial installations. We work together to guarantee the maintenance and monitoring of systems, sensors and programming, remotely and on site.This means we reduce the risk of downtime and any faults in the production process.

‘ESAS has built up a good reputation in the field of building automation and tunnel technology. We developed a new competence centre from where we service clients worldwide with the latest technology,’ says Huegaerts. ‘ESAS trained our engineers in the most recent coding language. They shared their expertise and all trainees are now experts themselves.’

ESAS taught Phoenix Contact how to use technology to analyse incoming data and automatically predict where problems could arise. ‘Our specialists in the control room provide immediate support when there’s a threat of a fault or any adjustments are required. We work remotely as much as possible, so customers often won’t even notice that we’ve intervened,’ says Robert Decant, CEO of ESAS.