ESAS is helping newcomers with their qualifications

Date: 29/07/2019

ESAS helps new workers on the Belgian job market find employment that matches their qualifications. Highly-educated newcomers to Belgium often can’t find jobs that match their qualifications because of a language barrier or cultural differences. Together with @Level2Work, we find out what their qualifications are worth on the Belgian job market.

One of our star students: Sam Abboud

@Level2Work helps us get recognition for foreign qualifications. One of our most valued employees fled from Aleppo in 2017, and we are proud to say that Sam Abboud has been part of our ESAS Automation Team as a Project Engineer since September that year. His master’s degree in IT wasn’t recognized here at first, and he also had to pass his driving test and pay for his license again. He needed to invest a lot in himself (sworn translation diploma, new driver’s license and car, language training...), so we had no hesitation in investing in him.

Commitment, discipline and enthusiasm

‘We quickly put him in charge of lots of projects that could add relevant experience to his CV while he gained the necessary certificates in Dutch,’ says Rolf Van Mechelen, Sam’s Mentor at ESAS. ‘Sam has since proven that he can hold even technical discussions in Dutch. His commitment, discipline and enthusiasm has helped him make rapid progress in the job market.’

‘We would therefore like to congratulate Sam for the journey he’s already been on. He will undoubtedly go a long way, and we hope he’ll continue working for us for many years to come,’ says Pieter van Daal, his team leader.

Watch this video (in Dutch) to find out more about Sam’s story from the man himself!