ESAS tests eTrike as an alternative to the van

Date: 26/06/2018

At ESAS, we take Socially Responsible Enterprise very seriously. We have therefore started a pilot project in Rotterdam where one of our service engineers is using an eTrike for customer visits. The aim of this project is to check if this electric three-wheeler can serve as an alternative to the van for some of our service engineers. Our CEO certainly enjoyed himself testing the eTrike.



Why an eTrike?

There are a few good reasons why it’s worth testing to see if an eTrike can serve as an alternative to the van. First and foremost, ESAS takes Socially Responsible Enterprise very seriously. The eTrike is better for the environment and reduces CO2 emissions. There’s also the mobility problem in cities, where there’s often a shortage of parking spaces, or pedestrian zones where our engineers cannot drive their vans. The eTrike solves this problem and means all customers are easy to reach.

Our engineers’ health is another reason. We often hear that it’s very stressful to sit in traffic every day, so we want to see if the eTrike can alleviate this. It’s also healthier to travel by bike than in a van, of course, and it brings our engineers closer to people. Less traffic also means we can be with our customers faster.

Video in Dutch

€7,000 for a good cause

Kees Uittenbogaard, Operations Director at ESAS Netherlands, rode from our office in Hedel to Rotterdam to introduce the eTrike. This 75 km journey was sponsored and raised €7,000 for KiKa, a Dutch charity foundation for research into childhood cancers. So we’ve already made a good start.