How ESAS unleashes the potential of the Microsoft Azure cloud

Date: 26/09/2018

Microsoft and ESAS have been good friends for a long time already, and now they’re joining forces to help companies deploy ESAS's service management solution Service Cruiser and unleash the potential of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning over the next few years. ESAS had already been setting a good example by allowing more than 4,000 service engineers to be automatically scheduled in the Microsoft Cloud, and these new components will bring new, innovative and disruptive services that all of our customers can benefit from.

Microsoft and ESAS talking


Making business processes more intelligent

‘I’m especially fascinated by the progress in terms of cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence, and the innovation that this makes possible for our customers,’ says Erik Kerkhofs, Director Commercial Partner at Microsoft, ‘such as making business processes more intelligent with attention for security as we all go online more and more.’

Daniel Van Hove, COO at ESAS, sees that B2B suppliers are shifting their focus. ‘Most software suppliers are no longer selling their regular package of existing products, but instead expand their existing products with cloud services, augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence,… to create innovative business models.’

Automation saves you time and headaches

ESAS is setting a good example by using the cloud to draw up schedules for over 4,000 field service engineers. These engineers are fully managed from the Microsoft Cloud and the system provides fully automatic planning. Numerous factors are taken into account when putting the optimal plan together, such as route, competences, cost, dependencies between tasks… and no fewer than 85 business rules. Drawing up this same schedule by hand would take months of work, but the collaboration with Microsoft means it only takes the intelligent system a few seconds.

‘Clear benefits of automation are the time it saves and the human errors it rules out, and there’s no need for discussion because the system always uses the same parameters,’ explains Van Hove. ‘Our engineers rarely face unpleasant surprises anymore, and nobody has any headaches drawing up their schedules. Automation saves us lots of time and headaches every day.’

Do you want to optimise your business processes too? Would like to find out more about ESAS Service Cruiser in the Microsoft Azure cloud? Please request a demo.

Watch the video here.