International Women's Day

Date: 08/03/2021

Liesbeth Vanhees works as a Test Engineer within the Service Cruiser department, the self-developed workforce management platform by ESAS. As the only woman in the 14-man team, we were pleased to honour her on International Women's Day. Patrick Block, COO of ESAS, was happy to hand over the flowers personally.

Liesbeth talks enthusiastically about her job and why she chose ESAS: "The reason why I chose ESAS is of course the job content. During the first exploratory conversations I immediately had a good feeling and a real connection with ESAS. That feeling is still there. I enjoy going to work every day!"
"For me, no two days look the same and exactly that appeals a lot to me. At this moment I am testing the software of an energy supplier." Liesbeth says. "Following up and executing tests, registering bugs and then retesting them, planning and attending meetings, making reports and communicating with internal and external parties are part of my duties. Furthermore, I provide support for end customers, test new and existing functionalities, perform regression tests and write various scenarios." Of course, the informal working atmosphere helps that Liesbeth enjoys working at ESAS: "I have a lot of great colleagues! We are working hard, but we work hard, play hard.



About the statement "working in the IT sector is mainly a man's job" Liesbeth immediately rolls her eyes: "the IT sector offers a lot of opportunities for women, but it is true that the sector needs to soften its image a bit. On the outside the IT sector looks rough, but on the inside there is a world full of surprises. Of course it all starts at school, where it is necessary to get girls more excited about a job within the IT sector."


About Service Cruiser

The self-developed fieldservice management platform Service Cruiser organizes and optimizes work schedules and also offers the possibility of efficiently managing connected devices. A positive, quality customer experience is crucial for ESAS. Our services - where we take care of the installation at the end customer and the planning - are more popular than ever thanks to the enormous growth of connected devices. In order to guarantee satisfaction and efficiency, we developed our own workforce management platform: Service Cruiser. The platform of the future.

Thanks to Service Cruiser, remaining scalable and future-proof is no problem. In order to support the future growth of Internet Of Things services, numerous expansion options are provided in the platform. Some are even more innovative than others, because concepts concerning artificial intelligence and augmented reality have already been embedded in the system. 

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