Manage your workforce today, tomorrow and every day in the future

Date: 24/01/2019

Full automation of your field services is what our Service Cruiser software does best. In 99% or more of cases there is no need for visualizations of jobs and the workforce because Service Cruiser schedules everything completely automatically. It integrates more than 85 business rules and manages thousands of tasks and resources, while integrating real-time information coming from our customers’ ticketing systems and the mobile application of our engineers, to deliver the optimal schedule every second – no human could do that.


Nevertheless, sometimes you want to deal with an exception and do a manual override. This is where our Dispatcher Module comes in. The Service Cruiser Dispatcher Module provides an overview of the intraday activities and the means to intervene for exceptions. Your dispatchers can change anything in the scheduling, but the Service Cruiser core rule is to limit manual overrides to a minimum because these can undermine workforce capacity due to suboptimal manual planning.

Since your dispatchers only need to handle the exceptions, you will require fewer dispatchers. With Service Cruiser running in a fully automatic mode, you need just one dispatcher for 150 to 220 field engineers. What we typically see at a company before they start using Service Cruiser is one dispatcher for 15 to 60 field technicians. So Service Cruiser gives our customers huge efficiency gains.

KPI wall

Your dispatchers are equipped with big screens to check your real-time intraday KPI performance. So they can identify capacity problems at a glance and quickly focus on the right actions to resolve them. The dispatchers can view the field operations in different ways – a list view, Gantt view and periodic view – to help them make the right decisions. It all means even smoother operations for you and continually enhanced service levels for your customers.

Manual interventions are useful in a variety of situations. For example, sudden bad weather can cause local traffic jams that delay your field engineers. Although the software will automatically start rescheduling, you may need to intervene to add capacity to your field operations. Interventions are also often necessary after a marketing campaign to attract new customers. It’s hard to forecast demand accurately, but our dispatchers will handle everything expertly.

Pick your job

We also have a planning mode that allows engineers to insert non-scheduled jobs into the schedule. This is especially designed for infrastructure renewal projects, such as Fibre To The Home (FTTH) or Smart Metering, where all the homes in a street get a new installation. Field technicians can take on an unscheduled task manually from a 'pick basket'. They then ring on the resident's doorbell, even if an appointment has not been scheduled, to see if they can intervene then and there. If the customer is home and agrees, the field engineer immediately gets to work.