Practice makes perfect; ESAS opens new training facility

Date: 10/12/2018

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, especially when it comes to technical training. No matter how many hours you spend cramming the need-to-know material, you learn most when theory is put into practice. At ESAS, we put newly-trained engineers directly to the test in a truly realistic learning environment: our brand new and very own ESAS Home in Hedel. Although it's built inside our warehouse, it looks like a standard house.

Fake for real

We have built a small house with all the flaws and obstacles an engineer could encounter on the job. In this house, we've used over 3,000 metres of coax, fiber and UTP cable and simulated the cables going all the way through a neighbourhood of 20 houses. Malfunctions and interferences can be programmed at will. Even a disruption outside, such as water damage, can be added to the scenario.

We've installed several televisions and internet access points throughout the house, intentionally in unusual places with some of them quite badly installed or maintained. We've blocked access with cabinets, unused cables, kitchen blocks… The engineer has to deal with all the quirks and hiccups one might encounter in real-life situations. We even set up the house with decoy pipes and loose ends. We deliberately used out-dated constructions too, plus flawed set-ups in technology, and created potentially dangerous situations with dusty and worn-down materials.

ESAS Home Class Room

High-Tech Education

We've crammed the building full of the latest technology. The engineer can carefully watch his or her progress on various screens and diagnosis boards. We provide them with all measure equipment and material they might need.

We placed a large table in the middle of the house that can be used to connect, assemble… Our four fulltime trainers – all of them previous engineers – supervise, give advice and retrain our trainees when needed. All new hires spend over two weeks in our ESAS Home, and combine their practice with extra theoretical training. Engineers who want to refresh or tweak their knowledge are also welcomed here. Four of our trainers have built this ESAS Home themselves, based on combined field experience and a long list of materials. Thank you, team!

ESAS Classroom home