The real field service innovator

Date: 05/08/2019

Today, field service outsourcing involves much more than just delivering manpower. That’s why our customers can expect an automated field service process that’s efficient and streamlined, and results in budget savings of 15% or more. In this short video, we explain how we help our customers improve their services day by day.

“Ever since we started in 2005, we’ve been an expert supplier and innovator in field service management for consumers and businesses in telecoms, utilities, healthcare and general services,” says Daniel Van Hove, CCO of ESAS.

“With Service Cruiser, we optimally manage our customers’ workflows, workforces and supply chains with extremely high quality. Service Cruiser handles thousands of installations and repair tasks every working day, giving rise to millions of warehousing transactions. We are in fact the real next generation field service innovator.”

Service Cruiser in action

Service Cruiser is the highest performing field service software on the market. It makes appointments in real time and can reschedule appointments in the technician’s work plans fully automatically throughout the day. This is done on the basis of all kinds of new incoming information, such as new appointments or cancellations of tasks by the technician on his mobile.

One of our dispatchers gives a demonstration of how Service Cruiser allows him to help his customers faster. “In most cases, we can answer customer questions over the phone. If this isn’t the case, I schedule an appointment in Service Cruiser,” explains Jordan. “Service cruiser scans a list of both our own and our subcontractors’ technicians. The system then automatically schedules a technician based on availability, area and skills required, and sends them on their way. When the technician leaves for the customer, they receive a text message to notify them when the technician will be arriving.”

When the technician has finished their task, they close it in Service Cruiser on their phone and can immediately see where their next appointment is. This means that service engineers can keep their appointments with end customers very quickly and accurately.

Watch the video below to see what Service Cruiser can do.