Service Cruiser: a quantum leap in cloud service management

Date: 02/10/2018

Service Cruiser v5 has arrived! Our software for field service and device management has been fully rebuilt for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. This means we’ve taken a huge leap forwards to even better, scalable, extra secure and more flexible service provision.

Service engineer is helping customer with Service Cruiser Software

The older version of Service Cruiser was developed for traditional data centres, but now it’s been fully rewritten for Microsoft Azure Services. And we’re migrating our existing customers to the new cloud version. These migrations will be complete by the middle of next year. New customers can of course start using the new version straight away.

It’s now much easier for all our customers to work with Service Cruiser – not just because it runs fully in the cloud, but also thanks to the standard APIs we’ve developed for service order management, user management and logistics management. These APIs enable you to integrate your processes and systems easily and quickly with Service Cruiser.

As in the past, Service Cruiser is licensed to telecom and utility companies.

Faster to Automation, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning

The rebuilding of Service Cruiser was no small job. Why have we made this effort? We wanted to allow organisations with Service Cruiser to work using a user-friendly, future-proof and scalable cloud platform built on Microsoft Azure. This means we and our customers can take the step to new technologies such as Automation, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning much faster.

As cloud software, Service Cruiser makes it easier to collaborate with other parties, because the software is built fully as a ‘multi-tenant’ system. All users only see their own dashboard, but collaborative agreements between our customers give all greater economies of scale. We can schedule appointments to install various products for the same end customer at the same time, for example, so the field engineer only needs one visit. This improves our service to customers, making it more efficient as they only need to stay at home once.

Automated planning remains central

Service Cruiser logo

We are of course retaining the familiar Service Cruiser benefits. We’re still working with fully automated scheduling, for instance, so our dispatchers only need to deal with exceptions, monitor and manage capacity – the hours that employees spend in a certain area, with a certain skill and in a certain time slot. We can easily add or reassign capacity where necessary, meaning we only need one dispatcher per shift for 150 to 200 field service engineers as the system schedules all assignments fully automated.

Advice for the best customer experience and a superior service efficiency

ESAS is still providing an expert advisory role via ESAS Professional Services: consulting, analysis and service redesign. This last aspect means we design the best way for you to support your customers, so your service is raised to a higher level while at the same time achieving significant cost savings.

Want to find out more about the new Service Cruiser? Simply request a demo that will show exactly how easy the new software is to use. We will keep you posted. We will also be looking at each of five modules in detail in our newsletters over the coming months: Dispatch, Desktop, Mobile, Scheduling and APIs.


Daniel Van Hove

Chief Commercial Officer