When business meets technology

Date: 25/04/2019

With its DEL20 programme, Delaware is giving innovative partners the opportunity to experiment with technology using real life cases. DEL20 incorporates innovative new technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, blockchain, etc. in a business environment. All partners in the network learn from each other by observing how the solutions have helped grow their business.


Securex and ESAS through to next round in DEL20 Innovation Battles

ESAS and Securex have joined forces to experiment with Machine Learning. Thanks to ML, they plan to optimize their workforce planning processes and utilisation of scheduled employees. Other partners have been so impressed that they’ve voted the project through to the next round.

Delaware started its DEL20 project in 2017. The number of partners working on it has now doubled to over 45 companies. ESAS is proud to play its part in this.

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