Our approach


At ESAS the human factor is as important as our technical expertise. Our team consists of motivated professionals with a strong ‘can do’ attitude. Our goal is to support our customers professionally in their projects and services with the right skills and using high added-value technology. We always seek the most cost-effective solution, while maintaining the highest level of quality.


Industrialized processes

ESAS always aims to automate as much as possible. This means we have fewer manual tasks – for instance for field service planning – which eliminates the risk of errors and enables us to work faster and more efficiently. At the same time, this approach allows us to focus even more on the quality of our services and the support of our employees, both for our remote services and for field services.


One-stop shop

ESAS can take responsibility for your entire value chain if needed: we can handle monitoring, remote services and on-site services from appointment booking to bill inserts.


Services and advice

At the start of each collaboration, we work together with the customer to first assess what service they want us to take care of and whether it is necessary to interface with and/or modify processes. Depending on the objectives, budget and situation, the customer can opt for complete outsourcing of their customer services or hire ESAS employees on an ad hoc basis.

It is also possible to purchase only certain parts of our services, for example just the remote service desk. This puts our services within the reach of smaller organizations as well. So those who want to can gradually move to full outsourcing.