Why Remote Services?

Are you looking for a way to organise your customer services more efficiently for a lower price per ticket? ESAS Remote Services ensure your price per ticket and repair costs are kept to a minimum with remote servicing for your devices and support.

Support from specialists

Our service desk employees are specialists with remote access to your customer systems, so they can resolve the majority of issues very quickly. We only send someone out when it’s practically necessary. This limits your costs for interventions to the absolute minimum.

The benefits of ESAS Remote Services

Your customers mainly want a fast solution to their problem. Every technical fault is one too many. That’s why ESAS provides extremely fast support that leaves your customers with a very positive impression.

Remote installations

We can implement standard installations or software updates remotely without any problem. All that your customers will notice is that everything is working perfectly.

Monitoring and maintenance

The ESAS Remote Services Desk keeps your customers’ devices in tip-top condition. Maximum automated support means we avoid faults and calls to the helpdesk as much as possible.

Versatile service desk engineers

A fast solution is only possible because we invest in employees with the right knowledge who can respond to a problem or question from your customer at the right time.

Better customer service, lower costs

An intervention at your customer’s home is always possible, but we start by trying to provide remote assistance. This is cheaper for you and easier for your customer.

Keep everything running smoothly

We do everything we can to deliver the best solution for all your customers quickly. Where possible, we do this without the customer experiencing any disruption: the ESAS Remote Services Desk monitors the status of the devices and immediately detects any problems that arise so it can intervene quickly. This keeps everything running smoothly.

The Internet of Things

Smart devices that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) are connected to supplier or service partner management software via the internet. This means the devices can signal a problem themselves, or implement an automatic update or servicing when the time comes, resulting in considerable saving for your customer services. It also means customers can rely on devices functioning properly at all times. We monitor and service your production systems in this way, too, so you avoid any disruption. 

Service Cruiser

Technology and human expertise go hand in hand in ESAS services. You have Service Cruiser as your engine – our own specialist software for efficiently monitoring all your devices via the cloud.