Installation, maintenance and management via the cloud

ESAS has developed its own software to monitor all your devices efficiently: ESAS Service Cruiser. We can use it to control the installation, maintenance and management of all your connected devices very efficiently via the cloud. So you can focus on your core activities and increase your customer satisfaction.

Maximum automation

Service Cruiser automates the management of all devices as much as possible, both in your office and for your customers. This means we can resolve any problems with printers, modems, PCs and smartphones in your various branches remotely. Do you manufacture or sell smart devices, or provide telecom services? Our team takes care of the entire after sales service, from installations and automated management to technical interventions at your customers’ homes.

The benefits of Service Cruiser software

Your customers mainly want a fast solution to their problem. Automating your service provision as much as possible with Service Cruiser ensures you receive very fast and efficient support.

Automated planning

The ESAS Service Cruiser planning software provides an automatic, continuously updated work schedule for our field engineers. The system always sends the most suitable field engineer to every appointment based on a number of parameters such as location, route, device and skills.

Increased customer loyalty

A positive customer experience is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Service Cruiser helps us guarantee the quality of your customer service, so you can strengthen your image, reputation and brand, and connect with your customers.

First time right: faster customer service, lower costs

ESAS always works using the ‘first time right’ principle: the right answer to every question straight away. That’s why Service Cruiser always sends a service engineer with the right expertise and replacement parts to your customer. Service Cruiser also systematically builds up a knowledge database, so we can respond to repeat questions and problems more efficiently.

Remote support

We can carry out standard installations and updates remotely and provide all sorts of technical support without any problems. Only when this isn’t possible do we go to your customer’s home to resolve the issue. This is cheaper for you and easier for your customer.

Higher Net Promotor Score

Our automated dispatching makes your customer service run more efficiently, and means our field service engineers spend as little time as possible travelling around. This approach raises your customer service to a higher level so that your Net Promoter Score (NPS) increases by 55 points or more.

Remotely or on site

We use Service Cruiser to control all management processes, always with the aim of finding the best and fastest solution to every problem or question. Interventions such as installing updates on a large scale take place automatically and remotely as much as possible. If Service Cruiser detects a technical issue, it is resolved immediately if possible via a pre-determined scenario. If this isn’t possible, our technicians try to intervene remotely to start with, by making a call to our call centre.

Only when it’s really necessary does a field service engineer go to visit your customers or employees. Service Cruiser always sends the most suitable field engineer to every appointment, so that we always have the right knowledge for the right device at the right time and place. The result is a much higher number of First-Time-Right (FTR) interventions.

Speed and efficiency

We use Service Cruiser to manage your devices, so they always operate optimally. ESAS has all the technological processes you need and well-trained technicians ready, so your customers can rely on the best support, and your customer experience goes through the roof. Or focus on automation and remote management also reduces your cost per intervention. The same applies for managing your workplaces via Service Cruiser: all ICT problems are resolved by us quickly and as remotely as possible, so your employees stay productive.