Smart Device Management

The way we access the Internet has shifted dramatically. We started using the Internet on PCs and then moved to smartphones and tablets. Today, the Internet is moving into everyday devices in our homes, cars, workplaces and cities. Together they form a 'smart network': the Internet of Things (IoT). These smart devices can be monitored and serviced remotely via the cloud, resulting in a seamless customer experience.



Connected devices are everywhere

At the same time, IoT creates many challenges. This is where ESAS comes into play. Not only will the volume of devices increase by a factor of 4 by 2020, but the devices will also become more and more diverse. There are fewer and fewer 'traditional' devices such as laptops, PCs, printers, etc. but the number of other Internet-connected devices is increasing every single day.

More skills needed

This means that the skills of the people servicing these devices need to be broadened as well. The traditional telecom and ICT skills are no longer sufficient. Skills related to heating, cooling, gas, electricity and water are also needed.

Three service levels

  1. Monitoring
    Your smart devices are checked remotely on a continuous basis to see if they are working properly. This happens automatically. If there is an incident, it is immediately detected and if possible resolved through automated 'if this then that' scenarios.
  2. Remote Service Desk
    The remote service desk provides predictive maintenance which enables us to avoid problems with the smart devices before they occur. If a problem still occurs, the customer can contact the helpdesk. The smart devices themselves can also generate tickets, which trigger the remote service desk to resolve the problem remotely if possible.
  3. Field Services
    If an on-site intervention is required, we use the Service Cruiser field planning software for arranging and monitoring an appointment with the customer. The field engineers of ESAS are multi-skilled and follow our best practices in order to provide a First Time Right (FTR) solution. By going on-site only when it is really necessary, you can reduce the TCO of your customer services.


The goal: a higher Net Promoter Score & Lower Cost

Customers are becoming more and more demanding and speed is often essential for delivering service excellence. Service Cruiser meets these demands and reduces the travel time of our field service engineers, resulting in additional savings and an enhanced customer experience.

The result: an increase in your Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 55 points or more.

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