Customer services delivered with maximum efficiency lead to much higher customer satisfaction and retention. That’s why ESAS services are built on software and automated processes: they reduce the number of manual interventions and deliver First Time Right (FTR) solutions.

ESAS uses its in-house developed ESAS Service Cruiser software, a package that utilizes a cloud platform, to optimize the end-to-end service management of your IoT devices and processes. It allows for close monitoring of the installation, maintenance and supervision of your devices. Let ESAS Service Cruiser do the work, focus on your core business and increase your customer satisfaction even more.


Remote service management software

Automated remote services help avoid unnecessary – and expensive – field service interventions. ESAS uses ITIL-based ticketing tools and software for remote device monitoring, installations and problem-solving. We focus on proactive maintenance in order to keep your customers’ devices up and running at all times. As a result, customers don't even notice their device might be developing a technical problem or is receiving a remote update.


Field service management software

We take your field services to the next level by using our ESAS Service Cruiser software, a complete portfolio of innovative field service operations with cloud software for field service management that handles more than 3,400,000 service visits per year. ESAS Service Cruiser will automate all your field service processes, including appointment booking, capacity management, real-time automated scheduling, logistics, mobile applications, customer notification and reporting.

ESAS Service Cruiser reduces the yearly budget of your field service organisation up to 35%, resulting in additional savings and an enhanced customer experience up to 55 additional NPS points.


Device monitoring and management software

ESAS offers a fully automated device monitoring and management solution to resolve problems efficiently, effectively and economically. Based on big data analysis, our device monitoring and management cloud software searches for remote solutions first. This means the ESAS software detects issues even before you notice them. An automated device reboot is the first step in preventing system downtime in your company. If the problem identified requires minimal action, our software allows us to contact you through our device customer app, a text message or an email. Unplugging your device may result in a quick and economical approach, making an intervention unnecessary.

If the issues are of a more complex nature, the ESAS device monitoring software generates a remote service request. A remote service employee takes action, for example by restoring your device from a backup. Finally, if on-site assistance is required, the ESAS cloud software sends a service request to the ESAS field service management.


Strategic Consulting Services

Not only does ESAS offer software solutions. We also advise on how to implement solutions to strategically improve your end-to-end device management, service operations, IT systems and organization in the most efficient, innovative and high-quality way.

First, we take a closer look and map your current service operations, processes and IT systems within your organization. We make a detailed analysis and develop an end-to-end service design based on our experience and expertise with device management. We take into account the most efficient and effective configuration of our ESAS Service Cruiser processes and software for high-quality device management at a minimal total cost to serve and time to market. ESAS also offers consulting for developing internal business cases for your service improvement project.


Professional services

After carefully analysing your service operations and explaining our service design,  ESAS develops, integrates and configures the Service Cruiser software. With a live field pilot, we end-to-end test and improve all implemented Service Cruiser processes, IT systems and thoroughly verify the integration with your processes and IT systems before the full operational launch.

Market conditions and service operations evolve continuously, so even after the initial implementation or migration to Service Cruiser, our professionals are at your service to suggest, discuss and implement all types of further service improvements.


Why ESAS Service Cruiser software?