IoT creates many challenges. This is where ESAS comes into play. By 2020, the volume of devices will increase by a factor of 4, so the stakes and opportunities are huge and you don’t want to miss out. Designing cutting-edge services will be key to your differentiation strategy for the future, essential for acquiring and retaining customers. The ESAS Service Cruiser cloud platform opens doors to innovative go-to-market business models and products. Here’s how:


1. Generate service revenue

Charge for services with ESAS Service Cruiser software. Services don’t have to be for free. What’s important is that you offer the right service to solve your customers’ problems or surprise them with new product experiences. A happy customer is very loyal and becomes your brand promoter even if they have to pay money for your services.


2. Create synergies within and between affiliates

By simplifying your service operations and breaking down internal barriers, ESAS Service Cruiser software sets the standard in service operations. It helps isolated service departments to work together and facilitates service cooperation between affiliates.


3. Real-time optimization

ESAS Service Cruiser software continuously optimizes your field service schedules, based on 100 parameters (route, SLA, priority, dependencies, cost per hour, and so on), according to real-time data coming from your corporate systems and the ESAS Service Cruiser mobile application. We publish the most optimal schedule every three minutes, taking into account new jobs, cancellations, tasks taking longer or shorter than planned, people on sick leave, etc. Your dispatch people only have to manage the resource capacity and capacity exceptions in ESAS Service Cruiser, so no stressed dispatching centre with dispatchers manually dragging and dropping jobs to service engineers.


4. Quick start

Excellent services are the result of controlling the total value chain from booking appointments to billing. The ESAS Service Cruiser platform covers this service value chain, so that starting up a professional service operation or upgrading and optimizing existing service operations is much simpler now.


5. Centralized R&D

The ESAS Service Cruiser cloud platform offers the possibility of developing service processes centrally and duplicating them quickly for other service departments or international affiliates, while adding a local touch. Your service process R&D does not have to be repeated in every service department. R&D costs usually multiply with the number of service departments and affiliates, but ESAS Service Cruiser stops these spiralling costs and enables quick market launches.


6. International KPI benchmarking

ESAS Service Cruiser can handle all your international field service operations on a single field service cloud platform, which makes KPI benchmarking between affiliates fully transparent. By evaluating all the affiliates based on objective data captured on the same field service platform, ESAS Service Cruiser encourages internal competition that improves your overall operational efficiency and quality.


7. Benchmark contractors

With ESAS Service Cruiser you manage and benchmark contractors working for one or several field service affiliates. These KPI benchmark scores give you full control over the efficiency and quality of your contractors, locally and internationally.


8. Uniform service experience

The ESAS Service Cruiser platform offers a uniform service experience with a local touch, across all your international affiliates. A customer in Austria will have the same service experience as customers in any other European country.


9. Quick launches

ESAS Service Cruiser offers unprecedented time-to-market product launches, enabling you to react quickly to an ever faster changing market. Launching new services through your international affiliates is no longer such a challenge.


10. Fast integration of acquisitions

After a merger or acquisition, it is crucial that you maximize immediate synergies. ESAS Service Cruiser facilitates fast synergy results with the help of our field service experts, who can quickly perform the field service integrations and set benchmarks for later improvements.