Staffing & Outsourcing

Looking for a partner that can take care of your service processes? ESAS delivers complete or modular sourcing and outsourcing solutions tailored to your needs. Our multi-skilled team takes over your device monitoring, service desk operations, field operations or a combination of the three.



Not yet ready for full outsourcing? ESAS staffing services provide the extra people you need to support and improve your customer services at peak times or for special projects. In these cases we use your own software tools and follow your customer service processes.

Our staffing contracts vary from providing just one technician to supplying larger teams, including network engineers, call centre agents and field service engineers all working for you. We have a full range of expertise available with specific knowledge for customer support in all sectors: telecom, utilities, retail, vendors, manufacturing industry and government.




Optimizing all processess

ESAS has an end-to-end service offering ready to be deployed: we can handle monitoring, remote services and on-site services from appointment booking to bill inserts. Our processes and our Service Cruiser software are based on best practices that are continuously evaluated and improved. By completely outsourcing your field services, you can fully benefit from our industrialized processes. This enables us to work together to optimize all the processes and create maximum added value.


Lower risk and reduced TCO

Outsourcing your customer services to ESAS gives your customers a better service and allows you to focus on your core business. At the same time, it helps lower your operational and financial risks. With our team, automated processes and integrated technologies we can reduce the TCO of your customer services by as much as 35%. The biggest benefits are gained by completely outsourcing your customer services.


Faster time to market

Do you have a new smart device ready for commercial launch? ESAS has the whole customer service machinery on standby, so we can speed up your time to market by 75%. We can activate your customer services in just weeks instead of years.


Yes, I want to outsource my customer services